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Double depth bespoke bonding fastener

Extra collar depth and a dual base plate design gives this bespoke bonding fastener complete security

special TwinDisk female threaded insert

a bespoke fastener for use within a moulded assembly

Two heads are said to be better than one and this is shown to be true with our double depth ‘Twindisk’ design female collar. When we were approached by an existing customer who had been combining two standard female F2 threaded insert bonding fasteners to secure their high-grade solid surface mouldings, we could quickly see how an improved product could also be provided at a cheaper price, with further cost savings for our customer being achieved through reduced factory assembly times.

Our fastener had to be able to withstand a variety of forces (tension, shear and torsion) and to last the lifetime of the moulding. Our design of Zinc plated Mild Steel was developed and tested without delay, entering into production within weeks of the initial concept meeting.

Not only was the overall thread depth of the original fastener combination increased by 6%, making the insert assembly more robust, significant reductions in their mould times and a cost saving of over 26% made this bespoke fastener a common component in other similar mouldings. With further varieties being planned, the ‘TwinDisk’ design has proved to be very reliable and adaptable.

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