Veck cable ty-rap mount fasteners

A popular fastener which we design and manufacture are our cable tyrap mounts (our part SSLB38TW15, also known by part number SB38-CableTyrap-15,  is typical and is pictured below). This variation on our standard bonding fastener design consists of a 2mm thick wire which is formed and welded to a standard base plate, for use in securely holding into place electrical cables and similar hardware on a bulkhead or similar substrate. The fastener can be fixed into place using adhesives, screwed into place using one or more of the many perforations located on the base plate, or moulded into the structure that it is to be integrated with. Zip ties or a similar cable tie can then be used to attach the cabling to the fastener.

a 316 Stainless Steel cable tyrap fastener

One of many versions of cable tie mount which we design and manufacture.


The main attributes of our cable ty-rap mount fasteners are:

– they are lightweight

– they can be surface mounted with structural adhesives, screws or moulded into the substrate

– they are corrosion and heat resistant

– they are suitable for outdoor use, particularly our 316 stainless steel versions which are ideal for marine applications and for use in other challenging environments

– they have a high tensile strength

– are compatible with an overall cable width of between 10mm and 16mm, depending on the version used.

– they can be re-designed to suit another cable width and supplied to another base plate size if required.

Veck cable tie ty-rap mount fasteners, particularly those in our marine grade 316 stainless steel range, offer significant strength and durability in challenging environments where heat, salt water atmosphere, moisture, vibration and corrosive substances often damage and cause failure in cheaper versions found elsewhere.

While our current stock versions may be suitable, we are able to design a version specifically to your requirements, although be aware that this may well require a higher minimum order quantity.

If this product range is of interest, please contact us for confirmation of price, availability and other details.

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