Stainless Steel female threaded insert (blind) (all)

This section of our catalogue is for 316 blind Stainless Steel threaded insert (blind) bonding fasteners. Many different versions of this fixing are available, with variations including the fastener diameter (4mm to 10mm), fastener length (12mm to 75mm), base plate size and base plate shape.

All of these options can be viewed by browsing the products within this category or please refer to pages 25 and 26 in the PDF edition of our catalogue. Should you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

If the Stainless Steel female threaded insert (blind) you require is not listed within our core range, maybe because of a different fastener size or base plate shape, please be aware that we offer a bespoke design and manufacturing service, which, subject to minimum order quantity requirements, may suit you better.

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