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Beware of false price promises

Who won’t be beaten on bonding fastener price? Veck Fasteners, it seems.

If your current supplier, or an alternative bonding fastener provider that you are considering approaching, suggests that they will not be beaten on price, please verify their claim before committing. Our closest competitor remains on average 30% more expensive on list price for like-for-like standard bonding fasteners, despite claiming otherwise, and other alternative suppliers are usually 40% or more above our standard rates.

Also always check on availability – with our massive stock of fasteners continually being maintained and updated, why wait 10 weeks or more for a part which we can often supply to you on the next working day? We can also modify existing stock, so if you are really stuck, we can keep you going.

Please contact us now to find out why so many customers stay with us once they’ve switched and too often wish they’d done it sooner.

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