Bonding fastener applications – a comprehensive list and description of uses for Veck bonding fasteners, including bonding fastener identification of end markets.

Veck bonding fasteners are now an integral item in many composite assemblies and the existing and potential composite manufacturers that use them are growing. A greater number of advantages are being found in composite material use as designers and manufacturers look at innovative alternatives over more traditional methods. Practically any composite assembly or sub-assembly that is not permanently bonded into place could potentially employ our fasteners.

Users of our fasteners aren’t necessarily identified by market (eg. automotive, rail, construction) but more often by their manufacturing processes (eg. plastic injection or rotational moulding, thermoforming, glass fibre hand lay-up or laminating, vacuum moulding, surface mounting). So while a user of our bonding fasteners may be a dedicated automotive supplier who manufactures using a variety of processes, they could equally be a dedicated injection moulder who  serves the automotive industry alongside a variety of other markets.

  • Cars – bumper/headlight/wing mirror mounts, assembly of body components (eg. wings, bonnet, boot), fixing of internal panelling (eg. trim, insulation, boot panelling), instrument mounts.
  • Coaches – removable body panels, bumpers, light mountings, heating or air con ducting, luggage rack mounts.
  • Trucks – similar to car, but also including cabin assembly, instrument mounts, arc panels and spoiler mounts.
  • Motorcycles – mounting of fairings, tanks and mudguards.
  • Tractors & diggers – as trucks, with additional fairings, bonnet.


  • Yachts – mounts for internal & external equipment, assembly of internal trim, insulation and fixtures, including instrument and furniture mounts.
  • Ships – similar to yachts, plus mounting of radomes, masts, insulation, selected lightweight structures & instrument mounts.
  • Canoes, kayaks and catamarans – seat mounts, lashing points.
  • Windsurfers – mounts for mast and straps.
  • Jet ski’s – fairings, seat mounts, instrument mounts.


  • Swimming pools – (stainless steel fasteners) for securing ladders and access points for drainage, filtration, etc.
  • Slides – ladder mounts, support stays.
  • Go-karts – seat, bumpers and light mounts.
  • Climbing walls and planters.


  • Trains/trams – fairings, headlights, tertiary panelling.

Power Generation:

  • Wind power – turbine nacelles and fairings.

Civil Engineering:

  • Bridges – railing mounts, panelling.
  • Tanks – flange sealing, frame mounts.
  • Ducts – sectional assembly, mount attachment.
  • Insulation – wall insulation mounting & retention.

Building and Misc:

  • Solid surface interiors – fixing of solid surface, decorative kitchen assemblies.
  • Road signs/exhibition panels – sign mounts, panel mounts.
  • Kiosks – fixing of lightweight, temporary structures.
  • Wheelie bins – mounts for castors, lid hinges.

Air transportation:

  • Hot air balloon gondoliers – joining of shell assemblies, panel mounts, etc.

Real world examples of how our fasteners are used are as follows:

1. A bespoke fastener for use within a rotationally moulded assembly

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