The Veck part number system

The Veck part number system employs a unique product identification code which allows the customer to determine which part number matches your requirements based on dimensions and features specific to the item. At first one of our part number references may appear to be a string of random letters and numbers but is in fact a logical system which is designed to help us and you identify any given part. On this page we would like to help you understand how this part number system works, to make choosing parts, understanding quotations and purchasing our products easier.

Using Veck part number MSM1B3815M630 as an example, please refer below to see a description of the different elements that make up the part number and the options within each element that you can choose between:



material description: the material that the fastener is produced from

options: MS – is Mild Steel (Zinc plated)

                  SS – is Stainless Steel



fastener description: the type of fastener that is welded to the base plate

options: M1 – is a male threaded stud

                 M4 – is a male plain pin

                 F1 – is a female hexagonal nut

                 F2 – is a female threaded collar



base plate description: determines whether the base plate has a central through-hole or not

options: B – is blind (has no central no through-hole)

                  S – is sighted (has a central through-hole)



base plate description: the size of the base plate in mm, either expressed as a dimension or a diameter

options: 1515 – is 15x15mm square

                  19 – is 19mm round

                  23 – is 23mm round

                  3030 – is 30x30mm square

                  3815 – is 38x15mm rectangular

                  38 – is 38mm round

                  50 – is 50mm round



fastener size description: the metric diameter of the fastener (outside diameter for male, internal diameter for female)

options: standard diameters range from

                  M3 to M12 for M1, F1 and F2’s fasteners,

                  4.75mm (475) only for standard M4 plain pin fasteners. Other diameters may be available as a non-standard fastener – please ask us to quote for this.



fastener length description: 30 is the fastener length in mm

options: lengths vary depending on the fastener type. Please refer to our product catalogue.


If you have a part number (or even just one part of a part number) you can use it to carry out a search of our product catalogue. You can also browse a list of part number cross-references if you would like to convert a competitor part number to ours.

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