Bespoke extended range bonding fasteners

Below is a selection of bespoke extended range bonding fasteners which we already manufacture and supply to some of our existing customers. Each of these special fasteners is designed to the customers own specifications and is manufactured at medium to high volume quantities and within minimal lead times, even at initial purchase where new tooling is often required. If you have a fixing issue within a design it is possible that we can put together a solution which is not only fit for purpose but actually saves you time and money.

Our standard quality control procedures remain unaffected, with dimensions checked, verified and documented, while tensile testing methods are modified to suit each design, so that each batch of parts can be confirmed as being in conformity to the relevant tensile standards applicable to that specific item.

Please contact us now if you have a special requirement which cannot be met through use of our standard range of bonding fasteners or from another supplier and where our bespoke extended range bonding fasteners offer a possible way forward.

For case studies relating to specific applications detailing how our custom and bespoke fasteners are used please visit this page.

We also design and manufacture shell sets and insulation pins (with spreader and ratchet washers if required) for use as anchor points for resilient blankets used on the outside of storage tanks containing propane, butane and other types of liquid gas.

special TwinDisk female threaded insert

a bespoke fastener for use within a moulded assembly (SP1)

four female inserts on a rectangular base plate

a robust mounting point with many potential applications (SP2)

a twin nut assembly with one metric and one imperial fastener attached

a metric & imperial nut on a non-standard base plate (SP3)

a 5mm thick loop on a 38mm base plate

a purpose-made 5mm thick loop anchorage fixing (SP4)

a twin male threaded stud assembly extended range fastener

two male threaded studs mounted on a perforated base plate (SP5)

a 12mm lock nut on a 3mm thick base extended range fastener

a heavy duty lock nut and 3mm thick base fastener assembly (SP6)

a threaded insert extended range fastener perpendicular to its base plate

a threaded insert perpendicular to its base plate (SP7)

a blind female threaded insert or collar extended range fastener

a blind threaded insert on a bespoke formed base plate (SP8)