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Quality Assurance

All bonding fasteners are subjected to routine sample test procedures at each key stage of manufacture and also on completion. A pre-determined number of parts per batch are checked for dimensional accuracy against their relative drawing and then destructively tested to ensure that the weld is to the required standard.

A tensile force is applied and recorded at intervals of base plate distortion (eg. 0.5mm elongation) and then a final pull-off value is taken. A batch is passed only if a consistent weld integrity rate results in accordance with our strict measurement criteria.

Although values vary depending on the fastener size, the typical recommended torque value on a mid-range M1 (for example) is in the region of 13Nm and the tensile strength (at 0.50mm elongation) is approximately 4.50kN. Tolerances on all of our fasteners are +/-0.20mm (general) and 0.50mm on stud length.

Our ISO 9001 quality standards are central to our business and test data to verify the integrity of our products is available upon request. The superior Veck weld strength, material integrity and thread standards ensure that no compromise is made on the quality of our products.

Our standard materials/finishes are Mild Steel with a Zinc plate and Clear passivate (trivalent Cr3) and 316 Stainless steel. If marine-grade Stainless Steel is not required we may be able to supply a standard fastener in 304 or a similar grade (please note that minimum order quantities may apply).

Our company is accredited to ISO 9001:2015 and operates a continuous improvement quality management system.

Please contact us if you require a drawing, data sheet, free sample or other quality documentation or technical information regarding our bonding fasteners or structural adhesive.

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