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alternative part numbers – M1/B15 and M1/B19

alt part no.              Veck part no.                                                 webpage M1/B15-M4x12 = MSM1B1515M412 – Click here to view further details about this Veck bonding fastener. M1/B15-M4x16 = MSM1B1515M416 – Click here to view further details about this Veck bonding fastener. M1/B15-M4x20 = MSM1B1515M420 – Click here to view further details about this Veck bonding […]

enhancements made to the Veck BusinessMagnet web directory listing

To make it easier for customers to look up company information from sources other than our company website, we have enhanced our web directory listing with several online portals including BusinessMagnet UK. This means that you will be able to find out important information about us (eg. contact information, product news, etc) using a website […]

Cross-reference standard Bighead bonding fastener part numbers to Veck equivalents

Convert a Bighead standard part number quickly with our quick reference part number guide. When you have our equivalent reference, simply visit our site and paste it in to the search box to bring its details up in our online catalogue. If you require assistance or further information please contact us straight away and a […]

Over 1500 standard bonding fasteners

With over 1500 standard bonding fasteners on offer, finding the one which you need can understandably be a bit daunting. All of our parts have now been listed by part number and each item page includes its own comprehensive description. Please visit Products on the website menu and then select the fastener type. This will […]

Veck Website now in German, French, Italian and Spanish

We are pleased to introduce an expanded version of our website which now includes versions in German, French, Italian and Spanish. Further developments are in progress and so please bookmark our site and check back regularly.


Much of 2008 was spent refining our manufacturing processes and as a result we are pleased to make available our new Price List which includes reductions on many items of up to 30%. Please contact us for a copy or a quotation.

Name Change

‘Rotaloc (Europe) Ltd changes its name to Veck Composite Fasteners Ltd. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.

‘’ domain name activated

Following an exhausting registration process, our company is pleased to launch its new European Union (.eu) domain name. Visitors can now use our address and our EU email address in addition to our existing setup

New company website

The new company website is launched – we are pleased to announce that our company website has been completely re-written and re-designed. The aim is to develop the site into an invaluable resource for all our customers, with continuously updated information on both our products and the wider composites industry. Please check this site regularly for […]

2006 price list

Our 2006 price list is published – all customers are soon to receive our new complimentary pricelistand standard parts guide. The ew issue, while similar to our highly sucessful 2003 release, has a fresh new look and a streamlined format which should make navigation even easier than before. Potential customers are requested to contact us […]